What is Grieving You?

 “For they speak against Thee wickedly, and Thine enemies take Thy name in vain. I am grieved with those that rise up against thee”                                                         Psalm 139: 20-21

Does it grieve your spirit when someone speaks against the Lord, when they take His Name in vain? We use the Name of the Lord in vain when we use His Name to justify our bad behavior. When we say the “Lord told us” to do something, when really it is our own desire, we use His Name in vain.

If we honor the Name of the Lord, we will never use it in vain. We will call upon the Name of the Lord for our salvation, but not for our justification when in rebellion. We use His Name in vain when we say He said something that is totally against His character.

God never contradicts His Word. He will not condone our sin nor will He make us uncomfortable in it. When we call upon His Name, He will set us free; He will untangle us from the lies we have believed, and He will set our feet on a solid rock and establish our goings. If Jesus has set you free, praise His Holy Name right now and lift His Name up high.

Heavenly Father,
I realize that there are many ways in which I have used Your Name to justify my own bad behavior, and have used Your Name in vain. I confess this as sin and ask for Your forgiveness. Show me any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.

In Jesus’ Name,

Dwelling in the Peace of God

“I will lie down, both in peace and in sleep for You alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety” Psalm 4:8.

As God’s children, we possess a powerful gift that the rest of this world is trying to obtain.  We possess peace.  We can lie down at night after a long, hard day with peace in our hearts knowing that the Lord is going to take care of everything that is troubling us.  That is a wonderful gift.

Most of this world longs to be rescued from the troubles of life.  Although we can’t escape every problem, as Christians, we can be assured that we serve a God who is big enough to take care of us in every way!  We just need to be willing to turn to Him and release the troubles we carry.

If you know of someone who is constantly allowing the troubles of life to burden them, pray for them.  Ask them if you can help carry some of that load for them.  Helping others find the peace of God is an act of unconditional service, and certainly a blessing of Burden Bearing.

We should all desire for others to dwell in the peace and safety that God offers.  Without His peace, we are sure to give up and lose the hope we need to be able to conquer life’s difficulties.

The Way of Peace

And they have no experience of the way of peace [they know nothing about peace, for a peaceful way they do not even recognize]. Romans 3:17

Finding PeaceOnce you have tasted something that is good and satisfying to your taste, you will continue to crave it.  Like my Aunt Nan’s delicious home-made pound cake, or my Mom’s wonderful banana pudding?  No one else can touch these two desserts; my mind is set, and I know how delicious they are.  It is such a delightful experience as you savor every bite; there is no question in your mind.   You don’t wonder, “Is there anyone else that makes a better pound cake?”  You can quiet your thoughts because it is settled in your mind.

Scripture says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Once you have tasted and experienced the peace of the Lord, nothing else will satisfy you. It is settled, the peace of the Lord is the only place where you are at total peace. 

Unfortunately, some people have never had this experience.  Just as some people have only tasted store bought cake, they might not even recognize a home baked one.  The same is true in spiritual things: if all you have ever experienced is religion, you haven’t tasted the real thing.  This is what Paul is referring to when he points out in the scripture above, “they do not even recognize the peace of the Lord.” 

Once you have experienced His peace, it passes all previous experiences and is written in your heart and settled in your mind.  You will recognize it.  Get in a quiet place, still your mind, pray, and read the Word until His peace fills your soul.  You will taste and see that the Lord is good!