A Fresh Word

“Receive and welcome the Word, which implanted and rooted [in your hearts], contains the power to save your soul.” James 1:21 Amp

Have you received a Word from God today?  Just one Word –  like a seed that is readily received and welcomed into your heart, can change your day, your family situation, and your life.

Today is a new day.   So, receive a fresh new Word for this day.  It is amazing what just one Word can do when it is gently planted into the soil of your heart.  The soil of your heart is like natural soil; it must be cleared and prepared to receive a Word.

When all the broken branches, dead leaves, and debris from yesterday’s storms and troubles are moved out of the way, and all distractions and hindrances are pushed back, then the soil of your heart is ready for the seed.   Once planted, the Word, like a seed will begin to take root and the life inside that seed will sprout forth.  The power of God that is in His Word can travel into every cell in your body, and thought in your mind if you will by faith receive it.  Think about it – the power of one Word from God can change your entire life.   The mighty oak tree begins with one seed and so does an “Oak of Righteousness” (Isaiah 61:3) planted, and watered daily by the Lord.