Do You Know Which Way to Go?

“You shall walk in all the ways which the Lord your God has commanded you, that you may live, and that it may go well with your and that you may live long in the land which you shall possess.” Deut. 5:33

Have you ever been lost and didn’t know which way to go?  Recently I was lost in a big city and did not know which way to go.  After completing my business at the court house, I asked the clerk how to get to the interstate. She seemed quiet annoyed at the question but hurriedly gave me directions.  After circling around the city I realized I was very lost.   So I asked a business man at the red light; he too was in a hurry, so his directions were equally as confusing.  After circling around the city for the third time, I stopped and asked a little old man at the gas station.  He wasn’t in a hurry; he had all the time in the world.  He paid attention to my question and carefully gave me directions which were very easy to follow. Within just a few minutes I was on my way.

In our world everyone seems to be in a hurry; we encounter people every day, the lady at the check -out counter or the man at the bank, who are busy doing their jobs and don’t have time for more questions.  So if you need directions, you simply need to find someone who has plenty of time.  You will know you have found the right person because they will pay close attention and listen to your questions and take time to give you the answer.

When you need directions in life, don’t give up after the first person does not have time.  Keep asking until you find someone who does.  God has all the time in the world.  He will listen to your questions, and He will give you clear directions.  Don’t keep circling around and around like the children of Israel; listen to the directions of the Lord and obey His voice.