Do Not Give-in To Fear

The Lord has a path paved out before us that we are to walk on. He wants us to walk in His ways regardless of our circumstances. The ways of the Lord are very simple and written out plainly in His Word. It’s when we veer off track that our life gets complicated.

God has said, “Fear not, for I am with you…” This is not just a suggestion; it is a commandment and it is for our ultimate good.

If you give in and become fearful, you are focusing on the circumstances and not trusting that God will take care of you in your present situation. Fear shuts your spirit down and actually hinders you from hearing God’s voice. Fear will cause you to become inactive and even miss opportunities when God opens doors. If you are fearful and your spirit is slumbering and shut down, you will be unable to walk through the door God has opened for you.

Another way fear affects our life in through anxiety. If you become anxious over your circumstances and take things into your own hands instead of listening for the prompting of the Lord, things will not work out right. Trusting in the Lord does not mean you sit down and become inactive; it means you are moving in accordance with the instruction of the Lord.

His still small voice within will let you know which way to go and what to do at all times. The children of Israel watched for the cloud to move and then they moved. We don’t need to watch clouds, but we do need to listen for His voice, the inward witness of His presence. Apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit we will veer off track and go our own way.

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