God Calls for A Time of Rest

“Come unto me all who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”   Matthew 11:28

God Calls for A Time of RestAre you tired and weak from the busyness of life?  Are you tired from the heavy burdens you are carrying?  The Lord is calling you to come to Him and rest awhile.

The only way you can truly rest is by laying your burdens down.  Lay them down and let Him tell you what He wants you to pick back up.

God set forth times of rest from the beginning.  Even when everything He created was good, He didn’t just keep going.  He stopped on the seventh day and rested.  Even when everything we are doing is good, we still need to draw away from what we are doing to rest awhile.

Do you hear Him calling, “Enter into rest”? If so, pray the following prayer:

Lord, I hear Your calling to enter into a time of rest, to cease all busyness and draw closer to You.  In obedience to Your calling, I choose to enter into a time of rest.  Lord, I see this as a higher calling and I will gladly lay down those things You show me are hindering my time with You, which are _________________.

Lord, I know I need a time of rest because I am very tired and my burdens are heavy.  I need a quiet place to lay my burdens down until you tell me what to pick back up again.

I need a place, where I am not drawn to the expectations or demands of others, a place where I rest in You and hear Your voice.  Lord, I ask You to lead me to that quiet and peaceful resting place.

Lord, my desire is to cease all busyness and activities that are based on striving and performing.

Lord, every area of my life that is not at peace, I surrender to You.  I ask You to do a work of righteousness within me. (Isaiah 32:17) You have said the work of righteousness shall be peace.  I want every area of my life to be in alignment with Your will, Your plan and purpose for my life.

Search me O Lord and know my heart, try me and know my ways, and show me every way within me that is not Your way.

Show me the heavy burdens I have picked up that You did not give me to carry.

Show me responsibilities that are not mine that need to be laid aside.

Show me all the projects I have started for the wrong reasons and even the futile serving I have done out of my own need to be needed.

Lord, I want to lay down everything that it hinders my relationship with You.

So, as I cease from my labors for the next 21 days, I ask You to reveal Your will for my life, Your plan and Your purpose. Have Your way in me Lord.

In Jesus name,


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