Where Do I Turn When Trouble Hits?

“For in the time of trouble He shall hide me…” Psalm 27:5

Place of peaceAre you going through a time of trouble?  There is a place where you can find safety and rest.  It is the Secret place of Psalm 91:1.

The Secret place is the set apart place where you personally meet with God.  If you follow the Lord as He calls you to the Secret place when life is going well, then you will know where to run to when troubles come.  The Secret place is a hiding place, a shelter from the storm when it is raging. When you are safely hidden in the Secret place it is like being in the eye of the storm, where it is calm even though the storm is raging all around you.

Noah knew the shelter of the Secret place.  He must have been in the Secret place many times, because he was able to build a safe shelter on earth to take his whole family into when the flood came.  Since Noah had been with the Lord for many years before the flood, he knew exactly where to go for safety.

Many years ago I discovered the Secret place where I meet with God daily.  In times of trouble I know ahead of time where to go.  I run to safety into the Secret place of the Most High.  When my son was in a coma, although I sat by his bed and I was present in the situation on planet earth, my spirit was dwelling with the Lord.  It was during the darkest nights here on earth that I experienced the greatest comfort from the Lord.  Had I not known where the Secret place was ahead of time, I might not have known where to run to.

It is the Lord himself that takes you there; He lifts you up and sets you on high. Safe under the shelter of His wing, resting in His presence hid away and comforted in His arms. Ask the Lord to take you to the Secret place.  Then you can easily find your way back in time of trouble.

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