minister to others out of overflow

living waterWhen you are ministering to others, it is so important to be refilled with God’s Word daily. There are so many reasons: His Word is the lamp to your feet and the light to your path; but, even more importantly, God’s Word is the Living Water that gives life to your spirit.

The reality is that we cannot live without water. That is how God created us.  You can not survive over three days without natural water before your body begins to shut down.  Even a flowering plant requires water to live.  You can see the effects within a few days if the plant is not receiving enough water.  A flower that has not been properly watered will be droopy and limp; whereas, a flower that has been watered is full of life and beauty.  A thirsty Christian is just as noticeable; they’re dry and limp.

As you receive God’s Word, you can actually feel your spirit drinking in, reviving and blooming again.  So, if you are dry and droopy, just stop; drink and be refreshed.  Drink in the Word, and be filled up before you try to minister to others.  Always be sure to minister to others out of your overflow, not out of your substance.

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