Help for BurnOut

Help for Burnout 

Do you feel depleted, tired and burned-out?   There are some simple strategies that can provide help for burnout.

You will benefit greatly from finding a safe place; a hidden place where you are protected from giving away your very last drop of energy. There are times when God takes us and hides us until we are restored. Really, we are only to give to others from our “over-flow”.  It is when we have not been refilled and we give to someone our very last drop that we become depleted and burnout. God did not create us to live without water. We can’t sustain more than three days without water before our body begins to shut down. Why do we think we can go for a week without spending time with God? If you are tired and depleted cry out this Psalm to God:

“Keep me as the apple of thy eye, hide me under the shadow of Thy wings”(Psalm 17:8).

Help for Burnout

God will hear your cry and take you up at a time when He knows you are tired and weary. If you are a person who is committed to serving others, either your family or others in ministry you will get tired from the constant demands. You need a place and time to rest, you can’t wait till everything is done. There will always be more laundry to fold and more hurting people to help.

You need a hidden place, where no one can pull you away to serve. Listen to what God spoke to Elijah, “Get the hence, and turn eastward, hide thyself by the brook Cherith…”(1Kings 17:3).

By the brook all Elijah needs were provided for. He had bread and flesh to eat in the morning and evening and water to drink out of the brook. You may need a place like Elijah had. Elijah hid in the Ravine, a place of total peace and solitude, from which the crowds are turned away. A Ravine is a place where God will feed and refresh you.  Elijah stayed in this safe place until the brook dried up. My safe place was a back yard flower garden with a swing. I would sit for hours being refreshed by the Lord. My family respected my time in the garden, they knew I was with God and so they didn’t pull on me while I was there. Find your own safe place and be refreshed.

We are like the children of Israel; we wait until everything is so bad and THEN we call out to the Lord for help. Don’t wait…call on Him today.  God always step forward to save us when we least expect it, fulfilling His most glorious promise in a supernatural way.

Feeling the exhaustion and helpless of burnout is not a pleasant thing, but… God knows our needs and will be faithful to help restore us to good health.  God will be there to offer us help for burnout!

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