A Thankful Heart is a Lifestyle

Peace of GodHave ever walked through the woods on a beautiful spring day and marveled at the beauty?  Better than that, have you ever walked through the woods on a beautiful day and enjoyed it with someone you dearly love? As you admired the beautiful shades of new growth glistening in the sun you may never forget the day because you experienced it with someone you love.

The beauty all around you was created for you by the one who loves you. God created all this beauty that is all around you and when you enjoy the beauty and thank Him for it, you will experience a thankful heart.   Life will never be the same once you have experienced a thankful heart.

Look for something to be thankful for in every situation and experience the lifestyle that is the secret of a person that lives and walks with God.  Live in the Peace and Love He surrounds you with, and share His love with others.