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minister to others out of overflow

When you are ministering to others, it is so important to be refilled with God’s Word daily. There are so many reasons: His Word is the lamp to your feet and the light to your path; but, even more importantly, God’s Word is the Living Water that gives life to your spirit. The reality is that we cannot live without water. That is how God created us.  You can not survive over three days without natural water before your body begins to shut down.  Even a flowering plant requires water to live.  You can see the effects within a few […]

Watch God Work

God’s Word does not return to Him void! His Word will accomplish what He sent it to planet earth to accomplish. Twenty five years ago I was given a scripture based prayer and encouraged to pray it diligently for each family member. At the time my husband and I only had one daughter, so that seemed do-able. I printed the prayer out, placed it in my Bible and prayed it every day, with my husband and daughter’s name in the prayer. As I read this prayer today, in the Amplified version, I was amazed at how this simple prayer had […]