Fear Not

“Fear not; stand still and see the salvation of the Lord which He will work for you today…”  II Chronicles 20:17

Moses knew the Israelites were struggling with fear.  That is why he said, “Fear not!”  Once when they were fearful, the children of Israel said, “Just leave us alone” (Exodus 14:12).

When you have lived under bondage for a long time, as the children of Israel had, you don’t know how to live in freedom.  You can actually be fearful of the unknown.  Pharaoh had complete control over the children of Israel, which was bondage; but they had lived under his control for so long they were fearful of another way of life.

When someone has had control over you, and you step outside of their control, be aware you will feel different at first.  You may feel an apprehension of the unknown; so, be careful not to give in to the “fear of the unknown.”  The fear of living outside of that person’s influence is sometimes stronger than the fear of being controlled.  If someone has controlled you, your feelings, your decisions, and even dictated your choices, you won’t know how to stand on your own two feet.  If you give in to fear, you can begin to think it is better to be back under that person and submit to their lordship rather than to believe that you can trust the Lord, hear His voice, and make your own decisions.

If you have lived under fear of how someone will respond when you make your own decision, then you are allowing their emotional responses to control you.  I can just hear the children of Israel, “Oh, no, He is really mad now!  You know what happens when Pharaoh gets mad.”  My question to you today is this:  Do you find yourself saying something similar?  “I don’t want _________to get mad. Or, “I will do anything to keep him happy.”

Another fear is the “fear of punishment.”  We don’t live in Egypt under Pharaoh, but we can live in bondage to other people and be fearful of their punishment of rejection, which is a form of emotional abuse.  Many people who have an unmet need for acceptance are in bondage because of their need for acceptance and approval from others.

You will get a drop of approval from a person, but never get a full glass.  You then wait and wait for another drop, but it never comes.  That person is controlling you by that one drop they gave you.  Don’t be overcome by the “fear of rejection.”  That person will only continue to drag you along into their games of manipulation and control.  If they see you are beginning to falter, they will give you one more drop to keep you in their snare.

A person who keeps you in fear of being rejected is not being a true friend.  Fear is not a friend; fear is your enemy.  Draw nigh to God, resist the devil (fear) and he will flee from you (James 4:7).  The Word “resist” simply means:  stand firm, oppose, and refuse to go along with that person who is causing you to be in fear.