He Sent His Word to Heal Us

He sent His Word to heal us.” Psalms 107:20

I know from experience the power of God that is released through His Word.  In Psalms 107:20 the Psalmist David said God sent His Word to heal us.  His Word it is more powerful than any two edged sword or a surgeon’s knife.  It’s like laser surgery; it penetrates quickly.

Allow the Truth of God’s Word to penetrate your soul, cutting away all the false ideas and distorted thinking that is designed by the enemy to work like a cancer destroying your faith.

In the past I have written devotionals to bring comfort and encouragement because we live in times where there are troubles on every side. But now, the Lord has prompted me that it is time for the Body of Christ to be healthy and strong in order to rise up above the present darkness.

So allow the devotionals to focus on the Word that will go deeper.  Let the Word root out the issues, the lies, and distorted truths that you have believed that are contrary to God’s ways. If we are children of the All Mighty God we are not wimps, we are overcomers of this world and we are strong in the Lord.