You Are Chosen and Have Purpose

“He hath chosen us in Him…” Eph 1:4

Have you ever thought about what it really means to be chosen by God?  Do you remember an event or a series of events when it became clear that you were chosen?  Did you feel God’s sovereign hand protecting and guiding you?

You have been chosen to be God’s child so you can be His representative on the earth. Paul said in Ephesians 1:5, that He planned for us to be adopted and revealed as His own children. This is our identity and purpose in one verse.

Once you discover your identity and God’s specific purpose for your life, you will no longer get all tangled up in the world around you.  He has chosen you to carry His peaceful plan into a world of chaos and confusion.  Represent Him, speak what He says, and carry His peace into every situation.

The world can not produce peace.  Your presence should bring peace and order into the world around you.  You walk in a very special purpose and calling.  Let that calling shine to others around you.

“Grace be to you, and peace, from our Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.” Eph1:3.

God’s Purpose for Your Life

“I will cry to God Most High …who brings to pass His purposes for me and surely completes them.”  Psalms 57:2 AMP

what is my purposeDo you seek and desire to know what is your purpose?  You may be wondering, “Why am I here and what am I suppose to do with my life?”

So many times we run here and there pursuing this idea or that idea trying to discover God’s purpose for our life.

We read in Psalms 57:2 that God has established His purpose for each of us and He will bring it to pass. All we do is continue pursuing Him.

We must stop imagining castles in the sky and pursuing our own foolish, lofty ideas so our soul can find rest and peace in the Lord. Our purpose is to pursue God, to love Him, to worship Him and enjoy fellowship with Him. Then our purpose will be an overflow of our relationship with Him.