Take the High Way

God’s ways are higher than our ways. Have you ever stopped to think that if you are trusting in what you see with the natural eye or your own abilities you are living in a lower level than where God intended for you to live? His way of life is much higher than your way of life and standard of living.

In comparison, your standard of living is as backwards as living back in the day when the weekly trip to the grocery store was made in a horse and wagon. Back then they couldn’t fathom flying across country in a few hours. In the buggy days they could only go as high as their hands could reach, or as hard as their hands could work.

In spiritual things, you need to check and see if you are living life as if you were back in the buggy days. God’s ways and principles for living are higher than our ways, and His ways make it possible for every believer to live in a better place. You cannot trust your tiny mind to comprehend what God has planned for you. You simply listen to His voice as He is calling you upward.

God’s plan and purpose for Moses took him up the mountain and what He has planned for your life will take you up to a higher place too. God’s plan for you is so great that your mind can not wrap around it, you can only grasp it with your spirit and the road that will take you there is an unseen road that is much higher than the natural road that you see.

You can only rely on His Way; the High Way and His voice that you hear by the spirit,   “This is the Way walk ye in it.” You can trust His Way; the Highway that will take you to the destination He has planned for you.

Written by Denise Boggs.