Holding on in Times of Trouble

“Peace I leave with you…”John 14: 27

In my quiet time this morning I realized Jesus gave instructions how to hold on in a time of trouble.  He said in John 14:27, to stay in peace.  He left us with His peace to grab hold of and hold on to it; His very own peace.  Imagine that, He took the peace He had while here on earth; the peace that covered Him and kept Him resting during times of trouble.  He knew the cross was ahead of Him but, He remained in peace.

He didn’t get fearful-  He remained steadfast and unmovable always abounding in the will of His Father.  This peace was like a warm blanket, once His work on earth was completed.  He no-longer needed it, but, He knew we would need it so He gave it to us.

How do you maintain and hold on to this peace?

You first receive peace as a gift from the Lord; a wonderful gift that you hold on to.  You must be conscious where it is; think about it this way, whatever is important to you, you know where it is at all times.

For instance, where is your cell phone right now? is it beside you?  Most of us know where our cell phone is because it helps us get through our day.  If I leave mine at home, I turn around and go back and get it.  The peace of the Lord is far more important; don’t leave home in the morning without it.  Get up early and spend time with the Lord, as you spend time in His presence, His peace will rest upon you.

Written by Denise Boggs.