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Would You Like to Find a Resting Place?

“This is my resting place forever.” (Psalms 132:14) Would you like to find a restful place that is quiet and peaceful, but more than that, a place where you can experience the presence of God? According to Psalm 132:14, God has established resting places, literal places that are His resting places.  God is calling each of us to find a quiet place, a resting place where we can get alone to spend time with Him.  In the story of Noah, when the world was destroyed by the flood, the first thing Noah did was send a dove out to find […]

Holding on in Times of Trouble

“Peace I leave with you…”John 14: 27 In my quiet time this morning I realized Jesus gave instructions how to hold on in a time of trouble.  He said in John 14:27, to stay in peace.  He left us with His peace to grab hold of and hold on to it; His very own peace.  Imagine that, He took the peace He had while here on earth; the peace that covered Him and kept Him resting during times of trouble.  He knew the cross was ahead of Him but, He remained in peace. He didn’t get fearful-  He remained steadfast […]